July 10-15-2018 Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

July 10-15-2018 Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

Welcome to the 34th Annual Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

The 2018 Edmonton International Street Performers Festival is pleased to bring you, your family and friends to Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park – It’s the Gazebo Park. On the Southside. Where they have that other festival. NOT downtown. Google it.

Because of the LRT and various other construction projects, we are on the move for the 2018 Festival. Our dates will be Tuesday, July 10th through to Sunday, July 15th.

We thank the City of Edmonton, City Council, the Province of Alberta, Edmonton Civic Events department and the entire Old Strathcona neighbourhood for their extra, above and beyond support and amazing warm welcome. We are going to have such a great time!

The Line Up of the Worlds’ Best Street Performers are ready to go and there is no ticket required to access the Festival Site at StreetFest. It is you, the audience member, who decides the true value of the performance at the end of each show by making a contribution directly to the artists.

There are miles of smiles and eternal appreciation that goes out to our Board of Directors.

Thanks to the amazing and hardworking volunteers, coordinators and staff for the truly outstanding efforts they contribute to the Festival each year.

I’d like to thank the City of Edmonton through the Edmonton Arts Council, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Province of Alberta through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for their vital ongoing support to our Festival and to all the generous businesses, sponsors and supporters.

On behalf of the world’s best artists, volunteers, board, staff, sponsors and supporters, welcome to the 34th annual Edmonton StreetFest. May the Festival be filled with laughter, smiles and sunshine and “May Your Hearts And Hats Be Full”.

Shelley Switzer


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